Flatbed Dies

Our Flatbed die-cutting expertise covers all machine manufacturers including Bobst, Asahi, Cuir, Marumatsu, Rollerpress, Xland, Youngshin and Platten press. Our tools convert post-print, pre-print and Litho-Iam substrates.


Our rubber ejection and stripping systems are capable of high performance on today's fast running auto-platens (7,000+fph). This is aided by the delivery of press ready tooling fully nicked for production.  Our creasing specification eliminates splitting liners, while cutting specification eliminates shattering and flaking. Product Support Engineers retro-fit converting machines to allow one spec tooling.

Advantages on Flatbed Dies                      

  • Reduce swarf levels
  • Reduce liner cracking
  • Improve quality of finished boxes

Using the latest state of the art Laser Technology,

Waterjet Rubber Profile, Automated Bending and

 Rule Processing machinery, each die

 is manufactured to accurate tolerances.

Only using the highest quality materials

 and proven products for construction

to maximise quality and performance.

Fully dedicated Top & Bottom Stripping Units

When we first receive your drawing or files for manufacturing, every consideration is made to provide the best tooling design for maximising the most efficient format for your running needs on press.

We supply various formats of stripping systems to suit customer requirements or preferences. Utilising the Uni2 Clamping system that keeps your tooling compliant with either Centre Line 1 or 2 machines. This system is particularly useful for plants that have different machines formats or transfer work between plants.

We pride ourselves with building on strong relations with our customers to fully understand their needs in relation to their resources and machine capacity to ensure that working together we can achieve the maximum production from both machine and tooling.

We are continually trialing different ideas and systems searching for ways to improve the waste removal processes reducing downtime and improve stripping performance.


Every die is backed by a Technical Support Team of Product Support Engineers with a wealth of experience spanning a minimum of 20 years each in Die Making and Die Cutting Production. Ralegh's Product Support Engineers work tirelessly to identify ares of oppertunity to increase productivity and improve product quality.

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