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Polytop MX 600 is designed for flatbed dies and is often used by paper plants worldwide.
In particular for the middle, long and special runs, but also for the short - repeated runs, Polytop MX delivers huge adde value. Thanks to the extreme wear- esistance it makes the material capable of producing millions of sheets, without any maintenance in between. That is one of the reason why the world’s largest packaging suppliers today only want one material on their dies, Polytop MX.


Dies including this technology are all named TopMatrixTM dies, or TOPMATRIXTM dies or topmatrixTM dies. Most often, TopMatrixTM dies are requested by big buyers of corrugated packages, in a deal with the actual diecutting plant, to secure that they always get best possible cut quality supplied, i.e. minimum of strip fails, swarf/dust, cracks etc. But most often also requested as a part of a productivity program, focused on all those very dies in a plant which are in use very often, in order to get great savings, on set times, number of needed renewal dies or knife/rubber repairs etc.



The patented TrimSaver® system significantly impacts your operation with increased converting performance through better trim waste control. The system’s design outperforms traditional technologies and provides a powerful ejection to strip away even the smallest trim.

Speedi-Tear products are designed, developed and manufactured in our factory just outside Sheffield, England "The Steel City". Our roots, are firmly fixed in Sheffield's traditional environment of passing down from generation to generation, steel related manufacturing techniques. It has allowed for these UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE products to evolve, by combining nearly two decades of perorating knowledge with three decades of engineering knowledge to produce perfect solutions for the manufacture of "Retail Ready" and "Shelf Ready" Packaging.

Inspirere is a network of independent steel rule die manufacturers. Remaining independent and internationally aligned, each member can offer regional support to every customer and have access to a wealth of international knowledge and support.

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